Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Everything! Everywhere! Every Other Sunday!

Has it been two weeks already?! Man, time just flies when you're waiting for your next gaming at TCOW fix, doesn't it?!

So the doors are open this weekend! You know the times and the place and if you don't, just ask your friendly local club member or Damian to fill you in on the info.

I think this weekend has some Flames of War, Kings of War, TNT and DZC already arranged, with maybe a smattering of Bolt Action. All the ingredients for a great days gaming or seagulling, depending on your preference.

So head on down to the GREATEST WARGAMING CLUB in Auckland! The fact that this still hasn't been disputed with me means either;

a) Its true and they've all just given up, or
2) No-one is reading this.

Either way, TCOW wins!


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