Sunday, 25 September 2016

Balancing Metal Sticks - Club Meeting 25 September 2016

Who would have thought that balancing metal sticks on a wire could be so much fun? We'll get to that at the end of the story because, as Auckland's Premiere Wargaming club, we should probably show you the wargaming we did, right?


Bolt Action

With Rumble in the Jungle  just a couple of weeks away, we decided that we should really come to grips with the Bolt Action 2nd Edition rules and all the changes that are in there. We had a total of 3 Bolt Action games going this weekend. Dave and El Pres, Monkey and the Bludgelord and myself and Saul all fighting in a 28mm WW2 paradise.

Some amazing games being played here and everyone helping each other out with the new rules as well. For the most part, nothing has really changed and it's still a great game but its just those little differences that sometimes get ya!

It also sounded like everyone was having a great time playing which is kinda the main thing, right? If you cant have fun playing toy soldiers, you're probably doing it wrong.

Here are a few more (Bolt) Action shots....

Can you just hear the fun? The results of the games, from my understanding, were:

Dave vs. Dan: Germans vs. Marines: Draw
Monkey vs. Damo: SAS vs. FJ: Win to the SAS
Saul vs. Me: British Airborne vs. Yanks: Crushing victory to the Yanks.

I also got to try out the new Battle Kiwi dice tray in anger as well...

As well as Bolt Action, we had some more WW2 battles being fought in a smaller scale. 2 games of Flames of War making an appearance.

Pablo and Darren got stuck in with some Guards Churchills trying to walk over some SS Grens.

Mike and Jon also battled with Mike's Hero Strelk trying to break through the German lines in East Germany.

With FlamesCon just around the corner, I sense there may have been some training games going on here....very untoward!

The guys in the corner got another game of Battlestar Galactica in and this time the Cylons came out on top reducing the Galactica's morale to nothing.

Last game played was called Suspend. You should check this one out as its a great game for all ages. Basically, its reverse pick-up-sticks where you try to balance your sticks on the wires already placed without causing the whole thing to tumble. Nerves of steel needed here!

Another stellar gaming weekend at club!

The dates for October will be slightly different to allow for a couple of tournaments, so keep an eye on the club page for updates.

Until the next time...GET YO GAME ON!!!!

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