Sunday, 11 September 2016

Are you....board? Club Meeting - 11 September

If you're standing still, you're stagnating and we like to keep things fresh and lively at TCOW (which I have heard referred to as the GREATEST Gaming Club in Auckland, something I'm not able to refute...). So, to mix things up a little, this weekend saw the inaugural TCOW Board Games Day played out at our usual haunt. A chance for the club alums to break out some of the boxes that sit on shelves, begging to opened and their contents used for the means for which they were manufactured.

And despite some people not being able to attend, we still managed to crack a few goodies out and have a heap of fun!

The biggest attraction was Battlestar: Galactica (with Pablo's beautifully painted BSG model standing in to add a little more depth). 7 peeps playing this one and trying to figure out who among them was really a toaster in disguise. I couldn't help myself so went around checking everyone's cards to see who it was.

The game took up the whole meeting, with most of the accusations being leveled in Dave's direction despite his consistent denials. To be fair to Dave....he wasn't lying either.

Unfortunately, the final decision came down to a die roll with the humans needing a 7 or 8 (on a d8) to win it....

Andrew and Craig played a game of Vegas Showdown. I've never seen this one before, but its all about building the best casino. It really appeals to my inner Joe Pesci...

As you can see, Andrew is right into it!

The Bludgelord and his Bludgelings turned up for the beginning of club, so he and Monkey played some Magic (a table is a board too!)..

While I school El Pres in the ways of Blood Bowl. He's recently acquired a Dark Elf team and as an old school Dwarf player, needs to re-adjust play styles, he found out.

Quite nice to see Dan actually playing a game at his club...

This one ended as a 1-1 draw after a single half (so we could play other games) and Dan realising the true power of Assassins and Witch Elves...

With the Bludgelord departing, Monkey sat with us and opened a copy of Torches and Pitchforks. This one is a ball of fun and plays very similar to Munchkin but with a few twists. The moors are especially exciting, more so when there's a Glob lurking...

Monkey won that one by beating a Giant Rat in the moors despite me besting the Glob. 

Once that was done, we cracked into some Exploding Kittens

This one needs no explanation....Meow, BOOM!!!!

Stu and his boys also kept true to the wargaming side of the club by getting in a quick game of Dragon Rampart.

He does kinda look like a disappointed math teacher, right?

And that was that. Fewer people, but more games and a heap of laughs, especially over on my table. Its definitely something worth repeating!

Now, a heads-up for y'all. It's likely that some of the dates for TCOW will change in October to allow for Rumble in the Jungle and FlamesCon, so watch this space for confirmed dates. And if you haven't entered either of these events, why the hell not?!!

Rumble in the Jungle, Mighty Ape's Bolt Action event!
FlamesCon 2016: Flames of War LW tournament.

So, until next club. Game On Toasters!

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