Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Games are our Jam! Club Meeting - 28 August

Do you wanna know something? I know that here on this blog where we expound the exploits of the TCOW faithful we have a tendency toward the extremes but something you cannot deny is photographic evidence.

Here we have a small group of Magic players just totally happy to be out and enjoying their hobby with other people who do the same. And do you know what, that is what being part of TCOW is all about. And that is why I still contend that we are the best Gaming club in Auckland. No drama, no hassles, you play what you want knowing that there'll be light-hearted ribbing and when its time to pack the tables up, we all have a laugh about it. Glorious!

So what did we play at our little slice of heaven this week? Well, stalwarts and new games alike we had a pretty reasonable cross section of goings on...

Flames of War carries on with Firestorm: Berlin moving into its second week of games. On the Eastern Front, masses of Soviet armour is still attempting to force its way into Berlin, desperately hampered by the remaining German defenses.

With their limited resources, the Germans are unable to stop the red tide washing through their lands though. 

On the Western Front, British Churchill tanks make their debut (for this campaign at least) in an attempt to push into the German northern flanks.

Supported by the nimble and agile Stuarts, their slow roll forward is only halted by the imminent threat of a V2 falling on them.....never fear though, the German targeting is not on its game today.

But the PaK 40's are....

And on the ground, the SS are also attempting to hold back the Brits as well. Stu and I played a game of Bolt Action which I forgot to get decent photos of....except this one..

There used to be a British infantry squad in that hole. British artillery is just really effective! My record of artillery being used against me stands with every single opponent having rolled a 1. 4-0 record!

We also saw the return of X-Wing to club which was great to see!

And Faizal and Andrew carried on their battles in the pits with some additions from Caesar's menagerie.


We finished off this week's meet with a 6 player game of Epic Spell Wars. This game is seriously funny and so quick to play. Definitely a great way to finish a great day!

Next club meeting will be 11 September and we're looking at making this a board games day so keep an eye on the Facebook  group for details.

And as always nerds....GAME ON!

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