Monday, 27 March 2017

Don't You Remember When We Were Young: Club Meeting - 26 March


Greg was absent this weekend. He swapped rolling dice for Rolling in the Deep at the Adele concert.

Rumour Has It, he said He Won't Go, but his wife said this would be her One And Only chance to see the singer in concert, so he avoided the Cold Shoulder and showed some Sweet Devotion.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of Skyfall, making Greg wish he could Set Fire To The Rain. Meanwhile, the rest of us ended up feeling the way we did When We Were Young; Turning Tables on our opponents, leaving the victors basking in Hometown Glory.

Moving on...

We didn't have a huge turnout last weekend, but still managed to get at least a half dozen games in. I didn't get any photos, but I'll link to some later on.

There were two games of X-Wing, some Elf on Elf Blood Bowl action, the world's least historical Bolt Action game, and an epic game of... Epic.

I didn't see much of one of the X-Wing games because I was too deeply engrossed in my own. I fielded the full Phoenix Squadron from Star Wars Rebels (Ghost, Phantom, and Sabine's TIE Fighter) against Boba Fett and some potent Scum fighters.

The battle was tense, with me learning the hard way that the bounty hunter is best kept at a distance. Even though I won in the end, all three of my ships were one hull point away from destruction. Easily the most thrilling game of X-Wing I've ever had.

Over on the Bolt Action table, some winter Germans went up against a LOT of Japanese infantry down the main street of a small English town. The Germans drew first blood with devastating nebelwerfer salvo and the Japanese had trouble evening the score with their bayonets, swords, and spears.

With his Japanese sent packing, Paul switched from soldiers to gladiators and played a particularly bloody game of Arena Rex with David. You can check out photos from the game on the Arena Rex Facebook Group. You'll need to join up to see the photos, but it's well worth it.

And that's basically it for this weekend. See you all again in two weeks time - or next weekend if you're attending Grand Slam.

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