Monday, 13 March 2017

Version 4; In The Door! Club Meeting - 12 March

It. Is. Alive!

That's right ladies and gents (and Faizal) Flames of War V4 has officially been released and we at TCOW were lucky enough to host one of the launch events in cahoots with the supremely awesome dudes at Mighty Ape! Dave managed to secure a goodly number of the new EW/LW 4th Edition swap-over books for players who showed up with their V3 rule to grab a hold of!

So what better way to ring in the new addition than by getting a few games in!? We had four Flames of War V4 games played with both MW and LW covered off.

Gav and I played two games, 1575 LW, with my Panzer Kampfgruppe taking on Gav's Tankovy. First up we played Dust Up followed by a good, old fashioned Free-For-All!

Lots of dead T-34's and Panthers everywhere!

Jon and Scott played some desert action, German on German training mission by the looks of things here.

I'm pretty sure the German's won this one...

And finally, Damian and Daryl hit the steppes with the mighty Cossacks taking on some Big Cats...

All in all, the comments on how V4 played was very positive from all players, which I think bodes well considering the recent and very vocal concerns from the FoW community at large.

So, if you want to get into some V4, I recommend heading over to Mighty Ape and ordering one of the following items:

The El Alamein starter box gives you a quick start to V4 MW. You get everything you need to get a quick tank on tank game started, including a mini rulebook!

For existing players, you can also purchase the new V4 MW rules from Mighty Ape as well. Version 4 MW Rules.

And we didn't just have Flames of War played this week.

Dave played a starter game of Guild Ball using the new Kick Off boxed set. I must say that this is really starting to pique my interest, but its just going to have to wait....

Because I FINALLY popped my Star Wars Armada cherry this weekend and I am HOOKED! What a great game! 

Its the right amount of tactical and narrative for me to really have fun with, so it looks like I'll be getting a heap of new ships soon.

We also had Girl Guide cookies for sale....much to the lament of those on diets....

So that was that! If you couldn't make it to club but want to get your V4 books from Mighty Ape, check out the details below...

Until next time, GAME ON!

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