Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Anglo on Anglo!

Obviously, TCOW isnt the only place to get your gaming fix in West Auckland. A few of us also frequent a place called FTW Games in New Lynn. Its a hang-out/retail store for players of all kinds of games...Magic, Boardgames and Wargames all have featured in my Tuesday night visits. A great bunch of guys and girls there as well making all welcome.

This week I headed down as I heard there was going to be some Infinity and wanted to check it out before I committed to ANOTHER system. I took my Saxons and SAGA gear down with me as well. Scott has 6 points of Danes that he keeps in store and he sounded like he was keen for a run.

As we're still really trying to learn all the rules, we settled on Clash of Warlords for out mission. Basically, kill the other guys Warlord and you win. Pretty easy!

So we set up the table and deployed across from each other. My force consisted of 2 units of 4 Hearthguard, 2 units of 8 Warriors, 1 unit of 12 levies with spear and shield and 1 unit of levies with slings. Saxon levies are a little better than everyone else and I get bonuses on my battle-board for units over 10 figures.

Scott (from memory) was a unit of 8 Hearthguard, 4 units of 8 warriors and a unit of 12 levies with slings. Scott's Hearthguard are armed with Dane Axes which are pretty cool. They lower the armour of the unit they fighting by 1, but as they're two-handed weapons, no shields so their armour gets lowered as well.

Scott kicked things off and rolled his SAGA dice for activations. His Danes pretty much rumbled toward my Saxons. As his slingers were out of range, no casualties this turn. My first turn was pretty much the same, the Saxons heading toward the Danes.

Back to Scott and the Danes keep heading towards my lines. It looked like our warriors were gonna get into some melee action in the centre of the table. It should be a relatively fair fight...if we had fair dice! Scott's night of horrible dice rolls was about to start...

The end result of the first melee, 2 dead Saxons : 6 dead Danes!

Our slingers then started exchanging fire on my right flank but not many rocks were getting though and numbers in the unit stayed full.

On the left flank, my spear-armed levies were making ground toward another of Scott's warrior units. It was only a matter of time before the fight was met!

Now, this should be a pretty even fight with my levies with a better armour and fight dice rating than most others. With a few extra abilities thrown in, I get to an even keel and we start rolling... I score a number of hits and Scott rolls for his saves...

Now, for those of you unfamiliar with SAGA, to save a successful hit in melee, you have to roll a 5+....

Little did I know just how important my unit of levies would become! Scott now decided to get his Hearthguard and Warlord into the fight...having seen his warriors decimated by lowly levies! So up the hill they go, into the fight! This one may not go so well for my levies....

They do manage to take a few Hearthguard with them as their numbers start to dwindle. Scott throws another unit of warriors at them as well. I think he might we worried....and with good reason! I am rolling an obscene amount of 5+ saves at this stage! But, slowly but surely my valiant levies are whittled down.

Now is when I really need to start getting my Hearthgurd into the fight. Lord Sir Lemmy takes his entourage up the hill while their mates scout ahead. They push into the warriors to remove them from the equation and after a couple of rounds of fighting while the levies hold up Scott's Hearthguard, they're gone.

Unfortunately, my levies have left by this stage leaving Scott's remaining Hearthguard the room to face mine. I'm left with a single Hearthguard after the melee while Scott's depart. Scott's Warlord looks around and sees a unit of warriors that he can take with him as "Saxon Fodder" for what will become the telling fight....GRUDGE MATCH! 

Its Scott's turn so he rolls his SAGA dice...and then more...he loads up on abilities because, given the way he's been rolling, this could go badly. So, he rolls 6 hits. This first is ignored. Down to 5. I have 4 Hearthguard within VS of Lord Sir Lemmy....all I need is one 5+ on five dice.....and the way I've been rolling, I think I'm good here!! I roll and......


Brave Lord Sir Lemmy passes from the land and the Dastardly Dane is left with the spoils. As he walks away, I can hear him singing...."he's got the look...he's got the look."

I hate Roxette.

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