Thursday, 19 February 2015

Sunday is Funday...and an announcement of sorts.

Even though Battlecry is on all weekend, and good luck to all the TCOW'ers that are playing, we're still opening the doors for those of you not heading out so you can still get your gaming fix on. Plenty of parking, aircon and games. Perfection!

So if you're wanting a game, head on over to Facebook and arrange something. I think there is going to be some Dropzone Commander, maybe some Flames, a few LCG's as well so it should be a heap of fun!

Something else that has been working in the wings is about to go live as well. Dan and I have been working with Mike Haught on recording and publishing a regular podcast dealing with wargaming news with an NZ feel. We're pretty happy with the results and this should be live for you to listen to soon.

In the mean team, get on board and support us. The podcast is called Behind Enemy Lines and we've got a Facebook page set up over at:
Please share the group and the podcast with anyone you feel might be interested.

See you Sunday. GAME ON!

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