Saturday, 14 February 2015

Painting Blocks....

Like most wargamers, I have a rather large stash of unpainted plastic and lead just waiting for the day that I actually need to put together that particular army for that particular tournament. So, that being the case you would think that there should be no reason for getting a painting block, right?


They can just happen for no reason whatsoever but there are ways out of it:

1. Sign up for a tournament! Nothing gets you painting like the realisation that you're 3 weeks out and have nothing painted to put on to a table top! I also recommend this method if you're wanting to buy new toys but your better half is against it.

2. Buy some new models. Yep, this one is a no brainer. Everyone knows that as soon as you get new models in the house, you want to get them out, assembled and painted ASAP! This, of course, isnt the most cost effective method of getting out of a slump...

3. Watch a movie. This one is good for the historical gamers out there, even....cough....Napoleonics. Seeing a well made war movie can often provide impetus for painting.

4. List writing. Going through your intel briefings or source books and noodling lists you want to play with the toys you have and then noting which ones are painted and which arent....then painting the ones that arent!

So, those are some of the ways I get out of about you?


  1. I find forum painting challenges useful too. Like the one on the PP forums. Of course, I also have a tournament to paint 3 x 50 point lists for, so I have plenty of motivation at the moment.

  2. Sometimes those papery things, um, oh yeah, books, can be inspirational!

  3. Might be time for another TCOW painting challenge....

  4. Sounds like a good idea, maybe we could have a couple of categories, large mini, unit, vehicle etc..

  5. I've been taking part in Lost Hemisphere's Paint the Target challenge. The different monthly themes are great for getting you to paint different things (this month's 'religious' challenge got me started on my Gatormen).

    It also helps if you don't expect your efforts to look like a Golden Daemon winner. Make it looks decent, apply some wash, and you're pretty much done for most things.

  6. A monthly switch up seems to work pretty well. Doing the same dude 100 times in a row is pretty soul destroying. I saw another guy who used 'rewards,' painting something he hated and then rewarded himself with something nice to paint.