Sunday, 22 February 2015

Club Meeting 22 February or Renewing Ones N00b Status

Even though BattleCry had a firm grip on the Auckland wargaming community this weekend, TCOW was still open for business today for those souls who wanted to get in and have a game despite not being at the tournament. Around 10 people showed up and even with the relatively small numbers, we still managed to see games of Warmahordes, Dropzone Commander, Flames of War and DUST played today. Not a bad effort at all!

Now, there are those days as a wargamer that you just cant win no matter what you do and today was one of those days for me. I'd lined up a 1600 point LW Flames game with Mike and noodled a little list from Bridge at Remagen which had almost all the flavours of German heavy tanks in it! Yay for kitties!

And that was pretty much where the fun ended for me today....Mike took some CV American tanks and ran them straight at my RV heavies and just decimated them....not once, but twice in the space of an hour! Some days.....

I did manage to blow Mike's CiC up in game 2....moral victory.... :0(

So I thought I might have a bit more luck against Ryan! I mean, I must have gotten all my bad luck out of the way in that first hour, right....?

Wrong. Another loss here. I did manage to get rid of a Panther platoon with some long range Tiger shots in turn 1, but thats about all she wrote on this one. Once Ryan's grens had overrun my King Tiger packed on the far objective, it was another aria for the rotund lass....

Dead Panthers!
Before the slaughter.

Over the other side of the hall, Damian C and Adam were engaging in an intro game of Dropzone Commander (DZC). I would have liked to get a bit more of a look at this one as it is something I'm interested in adding to my list of systems. Maybe next time...

Andrew was also doing an intro game, this time of Warmahordes, taking Martina through the basics with a Khador on Trolls battle-box game. As always, Warmahordes is a helluva lot of fun and I think this was no exception!

Finally, I also managed to fit a game of DUST in against Ryan. 100 points of my Axis vs. his Allies. I threw in a few of the new Babylon toys from my NDAK box set to see how they'd fare. This one eventually came down to a shoot-out with time running out. I got a team on to an objective and took the game, so not all was lost today! I did manage a pretty good save roll at one point....6 hits and


A bit of discussion around Bolt Action as well tonight with most people agreeing that we're going to look at playing in 15mm as well as 28mm. Seems like a good deal to me....I'll still be getting the 28mm stuff though!

So, another fortnight and another club meeting done and dusted! See you next time!

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