Friday, 3 October 2014

Oh so DUST-y

So, last night El Presidente, The Bludgelord, Monkey and I all convened at Monkey's place in the Ranui ghetto to get some DUST on! 100 point games and just really going at it to learn the rules before FlamesCon (yes, I'm slowly being talked into playing the Sunday DUST tourney).

Some really great games and a heap of smack talk as you can imagine.

Monkey and his Rangers lead by Bazooka Joe took on Dan and his Axis with Lara in charge.

They looked like they were having a pretty good time and from what we heard over at the other table the normal course of events prevailed....

Damo and his Wolfpack of KV-47's backed up by some Ribbitski Snipers and Steel Fist infantry came at my Axis lot, predominantly infantry bur backed up by a Wotan AR (with my Ludwig standing in) and a Captured Pounder.

The Wolfpack headed down one flank while the Snipers guarded the objectives.

Now, due to some stupidity on my part (what else is new, right?) I wasnt shooting at the walker suits as I'd forgotten they were bloody INFANTRY not WALKERS! Duuuuh! Rookie! So once I'd remembered that, I started blasting away at then the damage had been done though. I was down to my 2 walkers and a SINGLE infantry man....

So, I did what any good commander would do...I concentrated fire on the remaining flanking KV-47 from Wotan and Pounder while he RAN LIKE HELL for the open left hand objective! snipers could hit me and I won....barely!

Damage Resilient....well...what a great little ability this is, especially if you can roll symbols like a BOSS like Damo was! KV-47's still on the table when they, realistically, shouldnt have been.

All in all, a great night's some more pictures!

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