Monday, 6 October 2014

So many games, so little time #2: Simple painting to good effect - Part 2

Onward and upwards with this little project.

Now we have paint down on the entire mini its time to block in some camo on the main hull and guns. I have used my airbrush to put down some soft edge camo but there is nothing stopping you using a brush to do hard edge camo or some masking to do splinter/dazzle style camo.

This is the basic soft edge camo look I went for, except I went for bigger areas in a more stripe pattern.

Without an airbrush you could easily do a hard edge camo like this instead.

Or be adventurous and go for dazzle style camo.

So this is where we left the project at the end of part 1.

I first started off airbrushing some big Green Grey areas to break up the shape of the walker.

Once that was done I ran a thinner Green Ochre line where the Red Brown & Green Grey meets to give my my 3 tone camo that matches some other vehicles in my army.

I had some pretty bad over spray on the Red Brown at this point due to being only new to airbrushing myself so I went back over the Red Brown with the airbrush to fix that up. Red Brown from the Modelair range is also a specific airbrush paint so it comes out of the brush nicer and easier to control than the other 2 so leaving that till last was always the plan.

At this point I also painted the ammo storage magazines on each gun arm the P3 colour Traitor Green. 

So that is where I am at now. The big areas of the mini are all done so that just leaves the leg armour plates, picking out the details, decals and some weathering to go.

Stay tuned for part 3 in which I will sort the leg armour and go over some of the details I pick out.


  1. Man, this looked mint on the table on Sunday bro. My KV walkers aint looking forward to running towards this. Mind you, if I took Winter Child..... :)

    1. I have a sweet solution to Winterchild, but all 4 of them are not coming till Babylon ships! until then I will continue to attend counselling session for what he did to me.