Tuesday, 28 October 2014

SAGA Drama!

Well, I don't think that anyone could call the members of TCOW slow on moving once a decision has been made! What started as a post of Monkey's Jordanian tanks on Facebook ended up being a quick decision for at least half a dozen of us to start playing SAGA which is something that had been talked about but never moved on.

So, what is SAGA I hear you ask? SAGA is a Dark Ages skirmish level game where you (as a Warlord) command a band of troops against a similar band. Featuring groups such as the Normans, Vikings and Scots, there is plenty of room for diverse forces to do battle and with new expansions coming out pretty regularly (the latest one covering the Crusades), you can do almost anything. As you only need about 20-30 figures, its pretty cheap (relatively speaking) to get into.

There is a series of videos (link below) from some Aussie guys called Knights of Dice showing how to play the game, so if you're interested, have a look before committing and then join us in the SAGA!



  1. I'd like to politely plug a blog called The Tapastry:


  2. I cant even pronounce the faction I am playing!!!