Sunday, 5 October 2014

Club Meeting - 5 October

Oh yeah! Another Sunday rolls around and that means its TOY SOLDIER time!

We had about 15 people all told yesterday, which given the size of the space, makes a pretty full house! A lot of guys had arranged for testing games of both FoW and DUST with FlamesCon just over the horizon. As we're still in the middle of our Market Garden campaign, Mike decided that all FoW games would apply to MG results. This means we should be in a great space for the final battle during the after-hours gaming at FlamesCon.

A quick run-down of the games were:

Dave vs. Damo - Early War, Japanese vs. Italians

A really fun game here. Dave's Japs heading at Damo's Italian tankettes....BANZAI!

Jonathan vs. Greg - LW - Germans vs. Soviets

I'm testing a list for FlamesCon having decided that I don't want to take Germans this year. Needs more tweaking!

Ryan vs. Mike - LW - Germans vs. Brit Tanks

I didn't get any photos of this was over pretty quick!

Damian vs. Andrew - DUST - Axis vs. SSU

This one looked like a fun game...some heavy tanks on both sides and Winter Child flying around causing havoc and radiation...

Ryan and I also gave Monkey a run with his Rangers against our respective Axis forces. Monkeys Rangers definitely led the way there! Heaps of infantry can definitely sort out walkers.

We also have a group trying out the new Relic Knights game. I understand this Kickstarter shrouded in mystery as it took years to deliver. Looked like fun though...

So, another club meeting in the bag. There won't be a meeting in a fortnight as most of us will be attending FlamesCon....expect a big write up for that one!

- G


  1. The relic knights looked great. Can't wait to get into it after Dust at Flamescon and KoW at Mr Greig's place... Good club day.

  2. It did look pretty cool...wouldnt mind a read of the rules to see how they work.